Farm Fresh Egg Automat

A cycle-up egg automat, right at the farm. Just insert your coins (€1.30, $1.42 for 10 eggs), a small door clicks open and you may collect your farm fresh eggs.  Happy Easter, everyone!


The Netherlands is experiencing its second major winter storm in the past 2 weeks. Wind gusts have been recorded at over 87 mph. I had to venture out to meet several deliveries at the new apartment. As I approached the tram, I saw red and white police tape blocking all traffic in both directions. NOS … Continue reading Wind!

Moving in Amsterdam

I’ve been remiss in posting these past few months. This has been mostly due to a slow computer and to apartment hunting in Amsterdam. There is nothing quite like the housing market here.  We finally found a place at the end of December. Although we hadn’t envisioned ourselves living in the centre of Amsterdam, it’s … Continue reading Moving in Amsterdam

Winter has arrived

This week we had an unusual amount of snow in Amsterdam. I ventured out for the first time on my bicycle in the ice and snow. It went better than expected. Amsterdam is even more beautiful covered in white.  

Disability and Employment

When we made our 3rd trip to the Netherlands in 2013, we brought my daughter K with us. A scenic walk down the Oudegracht (Old Canal) in Utrecht led us to this lovely cafe and store featuring hand crafted items. We decided to stop in for a traditional Dutch afternoon treat – coffee and appeltaart (apple … Continue reading Disability and Employment